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In-Space Services

We believe future satellites will be reusable compared to current one time use. Currently, satellites carry propellant for the entire lifetime of around 4-6 yrs and when this fuel is over satellite becomes dead, making satellite bulky, expensive and of one time use.  At Manastu Space we want to change to making satellites sleek with small fuel with the option of refilling in space with our fuel station in space. This makes satellite reusable, small and efficient. After serving customers with a high performance propulsion system, we provide in space refuelling of MS289 Propellant as a service to reuse the satellite at a fraction of the cost with our in space fuel stations. The same tankers will facilitate de-orbiting of customer satellites at the end of life to comply with international regulations.

In Space Refuelling, Manastu Space

In-Space Refuelling

Refuelling satellite at the end of the life in space to reuse the satellite with a small subscription. This is done with our fuel stations

in space maximising the potential of space assets.

  • Increasing the life of satellite

  • Providing mission flexibility

  • Enabling different business model

Life extension services, manastu space

Life Extension

If a satellite is out of control, Life Extension Services can help in controlling the satellite and making it usable. Controlling the uncontrolled satellite.

  • Control the satellite

  • Increase its pointing accuracy 

  • Reduce the risk of rogue satellite

De-orbiting services, manastu space

D-orbiting Services

Once the life of the satellite is over, the platform used for In-Space Refuelling is used to D-orbit the satellite to comply with regulations and reduce debris. Making space for other satellites for long term space access.

  • Remove satellite from orbit

  • Make a space for more satellite

  • Save potential lawsuits

  • Comply with international regulations


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