About - Manastu Space

Who We Are


Since 2017, Manastu Space has strived to become an essential part of the Indian Space Tech community by promoting innovative ideas that enhance the future. Through a focused approach, we continue to try to harness the power of space and the latest technologies to improve the way our communities run. We harbour the ability to serve clients with various demands across the satellite propulsion system market, that otherwise may seem impossible.

The founders had long envisioned a Space Tech Company that would bring innovation into our lives in a way that no other company had done before. This dream came true when Manastu Space was established in the year 2017. Since then, we have worked on providing the industry an absolute mark of efficiency in delivering end-to-end bespoke manufactured green propulsion systems for satellites. 

In doing so, we at Manastu Space, along with the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, have replaced old, low-performing, carcinogenic, and highly toxic hydrazine-based propulsion systems with high performance, non-carcinogenic, less toxic alternatives.