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Saving Trillion $ Space Industry
with Green Propulsion &

Debris Collision Avoidance System


We at Manastu Space, are on a constant quest to bring Space for all Mankind starting with our agile, safe & efficient and affordable Green Propulsion and Debris Collision Avoidance System. Future Inspace Services will play a big role in serving our partners and fulfulling our quest.

Manastu Space Thruster
About Manastu Space


We are a Space Safety and Logistics Company, using technology to save the Trillion $ Space industry from Debris Pollution in Space. We believe that the problems of Earth can be solved using Space. However, the rapid increase in the number of satellites is also increasing the risk of satellite collision, leading to Debris pollution- making space a dangerous place for other satellites as well as astronauts. To prevent this, we are developing an Agile, Safe, Efficient and Affordable Green Propulsion System with a new fuel, engine and catalyst for the engine to avoid satellite collision in space and prevent Debris Pollution. 


IIT, bombay

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